March’s Pinterest Recipe Line-Up


taco bake

Still on track with 2016’s challenge to try several new recipes a month and to really put some effort into cooking at least three times a week!

Here are the recipes I tried in March month and how they turned out….

Taco Bake – First, my daughter and I eat VERY little beef, so I subbed chicken in. I was not really a fan of this recipe as it was originally intended to be made, so when I made it again, I simply made up the sauce and chicken, laid out chips on a plate, poured the sauce mix over it, topped with cheese and sour cream, and then heated it in the microwave. It was much better that way.

Chicken with Creamy Mushroom Sauce – This was really good. The mushroom sauce was so tasty. The recipe is not quite as “quick and easy” as advertised and does take some skill to master but it is worth it!

Lemon Butter Chicken – This was pretty good, although not “quick and easy” as it was advertised. It does take a little skill and it is not very good reheated but I will use this recipe again sometime to impress friends who come over for dinner. 🙂

Chicken Pot Pie Cupcakes – These were really good and SUPER easy to make. I mean, really, really easy to make. They are not as good as the Chickless Pot Pie that I made in February, but it was quite bit more work so I guess that makes sense. Definitely making these again for nights when my daughter has gymnastics or other activities and we need to grab dinner quickly.

Skinny Veggie Lasagna – I tried this first with zucchini and onions and then with no veggies other than what is in the sauce and it was much better without the added veggies. Zucchini just didn’t fit. It was still pretty good and it was super easy to make, so I’ll just have to keep trying different veggies that might work well with this recipe.


I also tried this dessert called Lunch Lady Brownies. I didn’t have powdered sugar, so I made it without the frosting on top. Oh my word. I should never have made those. SO. GOOD. I have to force myself away from the kitchen because I just want to make all the brownies!!

For March, I again stuck with the same smoothies for breakfasts that I did in January and February. In April, I’m going back to the basic cereal and almond milk for breakfast, leftovers or tortilla wraps for lunch, and some new Pinterest recipes for dinner.

I pre-bagged or made everything that I could on the day that I bought groceries so that it was just a matter of pulling out bags on cooking day. That is the key for me. The easier I can make it on cooking day, the more likely I am to keep up with it.

Do you have any recipes to share that my family just has to try??


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